Friday, April 14, 2006


Hello my name is Robbie Joseph. I'm a practicing Christian. Below are a selection of poems that I hope will indeed BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY!

With You

With you Is our release
With you Is our inner peace
With you is our chance to live eternally
With you is where we always want to be

There's no way we can function
We'd never reach heaven
We will keep you in our hearts
From you we will never depart

You saved us with your love
Open heavens window up above
You bless us constantly
Without you we wouldn't be

You provide all are requirements
Fill us with so much confidence
There's no problem you can't solve
Around you our lives revolve

Your son was the sacrificial lamb
Sent to redeem every boy, girl, woman and man
Died in so much agony
So we may all be set free

For the rest of our days
We no longer have to be ever afraid
For we are under your wing
We're looking forward to Jesus returning

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

Hold On

Hold on and remain strong
You're never alone
Your release will come
It won't be long, so hold on

Don't you give up
You'll get your crown
Keep on believing
He'll take you to higher ground

Just wait expectantly
The answer won't tarry
Focus on the Lord
And not the enemy

Just stand and fight
Then begin to advance
Use the power given to you
Adopt a warrior's stance

You are his creation
So you've already won
Ignore all the lies and confusion
You're under the shadow of the Almighty one

Speak into your situation
You have the anointing inside
Be bold and confront your adversary
See how you calm the tides

© 2005 Robbie Joseph

It's You

You're the one who makes me smile
I'm so glad that I'm your child
You help me in everyway
In your arms is where I want to stay

As I awake in the morning
I thank you for your breath of life
Because of your love
My heart has taken flight

I love you so much
You're showing me all I need to know
In your throne room is where I long to be
In me please continue to grow

You are all I need
You are my lifeline
I was free-falling before
But you rescued me in time

I will do all you ask of me
And I won't fear any evil
For you are always with me
You'll never forsake one of you people

When the storms come knocking
They won't distract me from my goal
Without you I was incomplete
And now you have made me whole

What a blessing it is
To have been chosen by you
To do a specific work
To you I'll remain true

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

Give Him Your Love

My life is so wonderfully good
Things have changed as I knew they would
Now I wear a constant smile
For I know I'm God's child

Everyone can see the change in me
For the Lord intervened gracefully
The old me is dead and gone
Since I've been touched by the holy one

No greater friend I could find
Than the one who's with me all the time
Wiping my tears away
Helping me to stand along the way

We are Gods elect
This you must never forget
So his will must be done
For you are an heir and a son

Courageously stand your ground
Anytime the enemy comes around
For you never have to run and hide
For the Lord is right by your side

© 2005 Robbie Joseph

It's worth it

Trials come and trials they go
This we always do know
But these trials help us all to be
More like you our most holy

Teach us your ways Lord
For in our hearts you are stored
We are empty vessels in need of you
Don't stop filling us up even when we're full

We can't wait for your return
From you we want to constantly learn
We make ourselves tools for your pleasure
For you are our one and only treasure

With you we scale new heights
And in your children you delight
We just want you to always be pleased
It's your approval we always seek to receive

So whatever we're going through
We know we'll always have you
To lean on and for guidance
And all of this will be heaven sent

© 2005 Robbie Joseph

The only one we need is you

The only one we need is you
You're the one who turns our grey skies to blue
You're the only one we'll ever need
You have caused the blind to finally see

There's no other like you
No-one can do the things you do
No other as faithful
To you we are eternally grateful

You care so much for us
We're never out of your mind
You're truly amazing
No other love like yours we could find

You steady our feet
You stop us from sinking
Because of your wonderful sacrifice
Your cup of life we'll be drinking

We are so blessed
To have a friend like you
Please teach us all you can
Instruct us in all we must do

Let us always be meek
And humble in all things
If it weren't for you
We'd still be suffering

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

It will soon be your time

It will soon be your time
And you will shine
And give your testimony
And God will be glorified
Deep within your life
And his blessings you'll receive

Things may seem bleak
But you are strong not weak
Christ has made you whole
This you should know

He's there with you
Helping you continue
To stand and have faith
Your victory won't be delayed

Don't pay attention to man
When they say you can't, you can
For greater in you is he
Than is in the world can't you see?

He is above all and Lord
So your triumph is assured
Stay in line with his will
And your cup of life he'll fill

So you hang on in there
His guidance for you he will share
When times seem real dark
He'll make the storms of life depart

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

Come on in

Come on in
Sit right down
And sup with us
Don't you go
Don't you know?
Of you we can't get enough

Peace of mind we have
We no longer feel sad
Can conquer any problem
Because Jesus you solve them

Though the devil tries
He can't come inside
For our faith in you
Always pulls us through

We want to know your ways
You’re the one we praise
You're the only one we need
And your promises are guaranteed

You keep our enemies at bay
Converse with us when we pray
Are there before we call
And you help us to stand tall

We'll do all you say
Your instructions please convey
Never doubting at anytime
In our lives let your light continue to shine

© 2005 Robbie Joseph

The Presence of Your Love

You watch over me faithfully
And all of my entire family
And this is surely a reflection of
The presence of your love

I can overcome anything
And inside my heart sings
And this is surely a reflection of
The presence of your love

You bring my hearts desires to me
And everyday I see more of your beauty
And this is surely a reflection of
The presence of your love

I'm able to prosper in all things
And you have halted all my suffering
And this is surely a reflection of
The presence of your love

I can claim my enemy's gates
And you forgive me all my mistakes
And this is surely a reflection of
The presence of your love

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

I Want To Thank You

I want to thank you
For allowing me to be your child
I want to thank you
For giving me this constant smile

I want to thank you
For the breath of life you send my way
I want to thank you
For your love each and everyday

I want to thank you
For the strength you place in me
I want to thank you
For bringing me out of my misery

I want to thank you
For the doors you've opened up
I want to thank you
For always filling my cup

I want to thank you
For this everlasting joy
I want to thank you
For a life I can now enjoy

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

I Rush To Seek Your Face

All my sadness was removed
The day you revealed yourself
Your spirit drew me close to you
Now I don't need nobody-else

Everyday is completely filled
With your love and grace
When I wake up in the morning
I rush to seek your face

As I walk with you through life
You signpost the way so clearly
I put myself in your hands
Because you want the best for me

You are the only reason
That I have joy in my heart
My hope I put all in you
From you Lord I'll never part

And I'm so excited by the thought
Of the plans you have in store
I'll remain your faithful elect
And my happiness will last for sure

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

The Ending of My Story

Experienced your touch
Redeemed by your blood
And what this has done for me
It's changed the ending of my story

My life was going all wrong
Lord to me you weren't known
Doing my own thing constantly
Living daily so desperately

Kept company with the wrong types
Nothing I'd do would go right
This carried on for a long time
Thought I was going out of my mind

Then one beautiful day
You and your love came my way
Now I have a lasting love
One brought down from above

The ending of my story is now bright
Because you're in my life
Jesus I owe all of this to you
My salvation is now in full view

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

I No Longer Stand Alone

I no longer stand alone
Since you've made my heart your home
I no longer am afraid
Since the love that you gave

I no longer shun the light
Since you've opened my eyes
I can see the road you've placed me on
This I know will lead to your home

I no longer struggle to survive
Because it's you who keeps me alive
You take my problems away
And bring the answers without delay

I no longer am an outcast
Because you've rescued me from the dark
Your light in my gloom you shone
Now I no longer stand alone

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

The Way You Make Me Feel

The way you make me feel
Is beyond all imagination
And being a child of yours
I'm filled with so much anticipation

I know ahead of me
You have faithfully gone
You have paved the way
And made me strong

All victories that I possess
Are due to the battles you've won
As I advance through your open doors
I know a new season has begun

You prepare me for the next trial
You never give more than I can take
I'm so blessed now that you're here
This bond we have I won't break

All that I've become you have caused
By your grace I will cross the Jordan
My inheritance awaits my presence
I know with you the race is won

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

Being Covered By You

Being covered by you
This clearly displays
What a wonderful feeling
It is to be your clay

Being moulded and formed
Into your image
Lord to serve you
Is and honour and privilege

Being covered by you
Is your gift to me
Your presence alone
Makes me so happy

A joy I can't contain
Blessed is your name
Because of what you did
You've removed my shame

Being covered by you
I know that I'm safe
All my fears and doubts
Have all been erased

I have boldness within
And I can face anything
With you holding my hand
You'll stop me from stumbling

Being covered by you
There is nothing like it
To you plans for this life
I'll willingly submit

Follow your instructions
Without any hesitation
And I will listen to
All your communications

© 2006 Robbie Joseph

All I Want To Do

All I want to do
Is walk with you
In the cool of the shade
Throughout each day

All I want to do
Is walk with you
Just like Enoch did
You make me really live

All I want to do
Is walk with you
And feel your presence
Be overwhelmed by your essence

All I want to do
Is walk with you
Have you hold my hand
Just like Father Abraham

All I want to do
Is walk with you
Be in your favour
Have your continuous cover

All I want to do
Is walk with you
Like your child Joseph
Life with you is so positive

© 2006 Robbie Joseph